Partnership between UC global and Al Daloop Group

Partnership between UC global and Al Daloop Group


Al Daloop Group have agreed on establishing Qatari UC for providing support, Security consulting and defence on governmental level in addition to providing special security services on Qatari territory.

11/June/2016 it was agreed at Al Daloop Group headquarters Doha (Qatar) for establishing UC headquarters in Qatar. UC company was presented by the CEO and Al Daloop Group by CEO and president.

Al Daloop: Qatari company with big projects in country as is the case in the Arabic gulf one of companies that contribute to achieving the plan of Qatar National Vision 2030 which aim to develop and Strengthen the country by Blending between civilization and originality in Arabian gulf.

UC try to develop and extend security and defense areas, at the end UC has a permanent representation in the country where she will begin communications to complete military Police programs, private security trainings and development of special protection services Inside and outside the country with this new agreement UC their activities in the Arabian gulf areas.