Cambridge Institute for Training and Development

Cambridge Institute for Training and Development


Witnessing science and knowledge in various disciplines enormous Cognitive revolution, we need to be ready to confront the various big challenges and Knowledge wheel rotation.

Here It highlights the importance of training like Main pillars aimed to rise level of Individuals and organizations for Contributes in achieving Excellence and quality in performance Under these changes.

From this point a partnership agreement was signed with Switzerland company CPI to establish Cambridge Institute for Training and Development To provide training of both types Qualifying for New trainees And developmental for the work leaders who Aspire to improve functional levels the main target of this institute is The transfer of expertise to others with The aid of people with experience Qualified by certificates and practical experience In the field of work and teaching To make the training practical and appropriate to The current and future market needs

The institute aims to put an imprint in the field of The development of human resources for all sides, corporate, organizations and individuals, According to specific plans. To provide high training quality Combining the needs of the labor market and Everything new in the field of training programs and Global conferences.