Our Companies and Partners

UC Global Security Consulting Qatar:logo_web_1-1

Al Daloop Group and UC Global have the pride

to agreed on establishing Qatari UC for providing

support, Security consulting on governmental level

in addition to providing special security services on

Qatari territory. US Global is looking forward to

contribute for achieving the plan of Qatar National Vision

2030 which aim to develop and Strengthen the National

economy by providing security and military services for

both public and private sectors.

Eurotech industries:euro

Eurotech industries company is considered as

subsidiary to Al Daloop Group and is one of the

leading companies in the middle east at the level

of providing services in the field of factories

management with the latest industrial methods.

We guarantee to our customers and foreign

investors alike to provide innovative solutions

and consulting modern, regarding to the operational

assets management with high efficiency and we provide

a technical support via a team of qualified technicians

and professionals on global basis.

Joint Chains:

The state of Qatar supports the diversification of

the national economy by supporting small and

medium companies it was beginning of our

business by providing various industrial equipment

sizes and its maintenance, providing raw materials

used in conventional industry, storage of raw materials

with the latest styles available. As we provide our

customers with storage spaces and various solutions to

store products safely.

Al Daloop Factory in partnership with Turkish company :aldaloop-factory-new

We are proud of our partnership with the Turkish company, specialized in
production of multiple types of radiators world class. The Turkish company

in Turkey working on expanding network of our regional relationship through

the work with international companies giving us the opportunity to gain

experience that allows us to play a bigger role in the future.

Cambridge Center Training and Development:cctd

Along the lines of the prestigious Cambridge series in Qatar
we present to you Cambridge training and development center

in partnership with Cambridge corporate university (CCU) in

Switzerland for the development of managerial talent for the

various segments of society and to improve the quality of the art

of the leadership and administration through offering a range of

courses as: diplomacy companies, the management of changes,

strategic business analysis, political science and finally hospitality.

  • Innovation  Management
  • Strategic Business Analysis
  • Corporate Diplomacy
  • The Art of Managing Change
  • Political Science Diploma
  • Financial Management Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Renewable Energy Management Programs

Jacob German agency for piping systems:jacob

In partnership with Jacob German company which is ranked No 1

in Europe in term of multiple use pipeline business. As Jacob

company is the representative of more than 40 companies worldwide

Aldaloop company provide different type of pipes Compatible to your

investment in various field as: plastic products, foods, chemical products,

building materials, transforming materials, and car pieces.